Launching the Open Seeds Video Library

- Bérénice

Mike Bird

Since its launch in 2020, OLS ran 7 cohorts, 210 cohort calls with 236 talks by 122 speakers. The cohort calls are all available on OLS YouTube channel and linked in the dedicated cohort schedule. But all these talks were also interesting individually and are currently hard to find.

To improve talk findability and give more visibility to these experts, we created the Open Seeds Video Library. This page shows the full library of available videos from talks in Open Seeds cohort calls: 236 videos by 122 speakers, organized by topic (Open Science, Tooling for Collaboration, Project, Community & Personal Management, etc), annotated with the recording date, information about the speakers, and slidedeck link when available.

Screenshot of the Open Seeds Video Library, showing the table of content on the left, the Open Science section on the middle with a talk on Open Hardware expanded

The library is automatically created from the information listed in the schedule for each cohort, which is updated every week. In order to make this Open Education Material more FAIR, all videos, as the cohort calls in the schedule pages, are annotated with Bioschemas training profiles, and will be listed on ELIXIR TeSS (Training eSupport System) catalog.