Open Science Training

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OLS was started to deliver online mentoring and training programs for individuals and teams worldwide to learn about and adopt open research practices.

What makes us different

We have a recognized expertise in pedagogy & curriculum development, specifically in teaching researchers. Our programs are built with a global community of experienced community builders and open practitioners.

Current work streams

Open Seeds

Open Seeds is a 16-week mentoring and training program for people interested in applying open principles in their work and becoming Open Science ambassadors in their communities.

OLS runs Open Seeds since early 2020 with 2 cohorts per year. 380+ people participating in 260+ projects were taught with the support of 130+ mentors, 170+ experts, and 30+ facilitators.


Funded by NASA, this work aims to deliver fully virtual training cohorts for the NASA TOPS OpenCore training curriculum with a highly qualitative component throughout the training.

Starting in 2024 and for 3 years, the team will deliver five 6-week Virtual Cohorts per year. The cohorts will include guided reflection and hands-on implementation of open science concepts, processes, and techniques. This program will teach one OpenCore Module per week, by bringing in expert speakers from across different scientific domains, allowing learners to actively embed their training in their work and reflect on their learning with a mentor.

You can read more about it in the proposal.