Team & Community

Bérénice Batut (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Our values

We have high ethical standards, including:

  • Education: Educate scientists about open science
  • Transparency: Emphasize transparency and the sharing of resources, material, knowledge and experiences
  • Open science: Promote citizen science and decentralized access to science
  • Modesty: Know you don’t know everything
  • Community: Carefully listen to any concerns and questions and respond honestly
  • Respect: Respect humans and all living systems
  • Responsibility: Recognize the complexity and dynamics os science and research and our responsibility towards them

Core team


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Bérénice Batut

Pronouns: she/her

University of Freiburg , France

Galaxy, Galaxy training, Citizen science, Bioinformatics, High-throughput sequencing, Metagenomics, Wordpress, Jekyll, GitHub/GitLab Pages, Designing and developing training material, Collaborating with Git & GitHub/GitLab, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Publishing web content

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Emmy Tsang

Pronouns: she/her


Community strategies, Open research

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Malvika Sharan

Pronouns: she/her

The Alan Turing Institute , United Kingdom

Community building, Mentoring, Data Science best practices, Reproducibility, Inclusive and collaborative practices, Python, Version Control, Funding Proposals, Bioinformatics, Algorithm design

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Yo Yehudi

Pronouns: they/them

United Kingdom

Software development, Community building, Mentoring

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Paz Bernaldo

Pronouns: she/her


Qualitative research, Inequities, Inequalities in technology.

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Get involved

If you think you can help then please check out our contributors’ guidelines and our project board.

Please note that it’s very important to us that we maintain a positive and supportive environment for everyone who wants to participate. When you join us we ask that you follow our code of conduct in all interactions both on and offline.