A mentoring & training program for Open Science ambassadors

Bérénice Batut (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The OLS program is for people interested in applying open principles in their work and becoming Open Science ambassadors in their communities.


This is a 16-week long personal mentorship and cohort-based training, where participants (organisers, hosts, mentors and project leads/mentees) of this program will:

Participants join this program with a project that they either are already working on or want to develop during this program individually or in teams.

OLS schedule overview. In the middle, the timeline represents the 16 weeks. On the top, boxes in green represent the 8 different cohort calls pointing to the corresponding weeks (even week numbers). Below the week timeline, blue boxes represent the mentor-mentee meetings pointing to the uneven number weeks. Below the blue boxes, are red boxes corresponding to 3 skill-up calls: "GitHub tutorial for beginners" (week 5), "Open Leadership: Academia, industry, and beyond" (week 9), "Self-care & social call" (week 1s)


Apply via Open Review

Please register on Open Review before January 13, 2023 to allow activation of your Open Review profile as described in the OLS-7 application guidelines and templates.

OLS-7 runs from February to June 2023. Applications for OLS-8 will open at mid 2023. Sign up to our low-traffic news list to get updates on the next cohort application.


Have a question or need any support to join this cohort? We are here to help - feel free to email team[at]openlifesci.org, chat in real-time on Gitter or connect on Twitter @openlifesci.


Cohort Schedule Projects Mentors Experts Facilitators
OLS-1 January 20, 2020 - May 18, 2020 29 mentees working on 20 projects 20 mentors 37 experts  
OLS-2 August 31, 2020 - December 14, 2020 52 mentees working on 32 projects 36 mentors 65 experts  
OLS-3 February 8, 2021 - May 24, 2021 66 mentees working on 37 projects 34 mentors 63 experts 1 facilitator
OLS-4 September 13, 2021 - January 17, 2022 34 mentees working on 26 projects 32 mentors 46 experts 7 facilitators
OLS-5 February 28, 2022 - June 13, 2022 71 mentees working on 34 projects 35 mentors 26 experts 5 facilitators
OLS-6 September 19, 2022 - January 16, 2023 41 mentees working on 27 projects 32 mentors 39 experts 7 facilitators
OLS-7 February 27, 2023 - June 12, 2023