Zhang Xinxin

The Branding Journey

In a bid to expand our reach and uphold our commitment to diversity, OLS embarked on a journey to expand its brand identity. From this, emerged a new logo and name for the mentoring program - Open Seeds. If you’re interested in the story behind these changes, read all about our rebranding adventure in this insightful blog post. It takes you through the decision-making process, creative inspiration, and the vision that led to our new identity.

Brand Assets

Previously, we used a logo originally designed by Lucas Emanoell Medeiros e Silva, and adapted by the team. Now, various versions of the new logos, all carefully crafted to reflect the values and spirit of our community, can be found in the branding GitHub repository. While there, you will also find visual elements such as stickers, icons, social media assets, letterheads, flyers, etc.

Slide Templates

Whether you’re creating a presentation or working on graduation slides, we’ve got you covered! Access our carefully crafted slide templates to create beautiful, on-brand presentations. These templates can be found here.

Usage Guidelines and Licensing Information

As much as our branding resources are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, giving you permission to remix, re-use and redistribute them, there are stipulated guidelines for this purpose. In order to ensure proper usage, please explore the terms and conditions outlined in our license documentation.

Feel free to reach out to us via team[at], if you have need for clarification, or simply want to make suggestions. Thank you!