OLS Speaker Guide

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Thank you for considering speaking at our upcoming Cohort call! We look forward to welcoming you. 🎉🥳️👏

About OLS

The OLS program is designed for the early-stage researchers and potential academic leaders in becoming Open Science ambassadors in their communities.

This program is led by the OLS team members, i.e. us - Bérénice Batut, Malvika Sharan, Yo Yehudi and Emmy Tsang. You can reach out to us by emailing team@we-are-ols.org.

We will be running our 7th cohort (Sep 2021 - Jan 2022). A complete syllabus of this cohort can be found here.

About our Code of Conduct

All our members, participants and speakers are expected to abide by our Code of conduct & community participation guidelines that apply to all our community spaces including online calls.

If you experience or witness any unacceptable behaviour, or have any other concerns, please report it by contacting the organisers - Bérénice, Malvika and Yo. (team@we-are-ols.org).

To report an issue involving one of the organisers, please email one of the members individually (berenice@we-are-ols.org, malvika@we-are-ols.org, yo@we-are-ols.org), emmy@we-are-ols.org).

About the cohort calls

Every second week, we host online cohort calls (1.5 hours each) where relevant content related to OLS is shared and discussed with all participants of the program.

These cohort calls introduce new Open Science related topics that are relevant for our participants to develop their project and bring them to the next stage.

Cohort call format

These calls are a mix of presentations by invited speakers like you, breakout discussions (in small groups), silent note-taking and Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions.

The OLS team will share the topic of your call, exact date and time, and any relevant information with you. Please feel free to reach out to them if further details on your talk might be necessary.

Online Zoom calls

These calls take place online via Zoom, a link for which will be shared with you, usually via the cohort call notes.

You can check if Zoom works on your system by using this link: https://zoom.us/test.

Call notes

The OLS team will share a collaborative document with the cohort call agenda in your invitation email, which is also linked to the online schedule

These notes will be available for all our participants for future reference. You are welcome to contribute to the notes from your session.

Cohort call speakers

We invite experts like you to these calls to talk about their work, provide personal perspectives, share personal stories or anecdotes, and engage our participants in understanding the practical applications of the Open Science tools/approaches.

We have reached out to you because we admire your work and believe that our participants will gain a deeper understanding of how they can use a certain aspect or concept of Open Science in their work. The OLS team should have shared the details of the topic and further details of this call with you.

Presentations/talks at the cohort call

Your talk will be allotted 10-15 minutes (including Q&A session) during the call (OLS team should have confirmed this).

You are welcome to attend the entire call or attend only for the section relevant for your talk. If you prefer the latter, please join the call a minimum of 5 minutes before your talk.

You can use slides, documents or any other resource to deliver your talk. Please consider accessibility and inclusivity when designing your talk (see this for reference).

You will be asked to share your screen to present your talk. You can see the screen sharing instructions here.

If you use slides, you can make a copy of this presentation to start creating your presentation online. It would be great if you can share the link of your talk with the OLS team before the call.

You can use the collaborative notes before or during the call to guide the Q&A session.

If a breakout discussion is planned after your talk, the OLS team will reach out to you to agree on the questions or format for this guided discussion.

If you are ok for our participants to reach out to you after the call, please share your contact info in the presentation and/or the collaborative note.

Call recording

Please note that this call will be recorded for our participants, especially those who can’t attend this call in-person. These recordings will be shared on our official Youtube channel.

You can turn off your webcam before joining the call if you do not want to appear on the recording and turn it on if/when you don’t mind being on the video.

If you prefer that your section is not recorded, please let the OLS team members know, so that they pause the recording for your section and resume afterwards.

If your time allows, you can also watch a video from one of our previous calls (here is the full playlist).