Welcoming new OLS Staff — Debs and Tajuddeen

- Yo, Deborah

Mabel Amber

We’re delighted to share that OLS has two new staff members: Tajuddeen, who has joined OLS as the coordinator for our collaborative ECB grant, and Debs, who has joined the OLS team as a junior web developer. Between Tajuddeen, Debs, and Jilaga (OLS’s Outreachy intern for re-branding), Nigerians are now the most highly-represented nationality in the OLS team!

This blog is in Nigerian Pidgin and in English.

Taj, Programme Manager

A photo of Taj, a man from Nigeria. He has black hair. He is wearing a gray hoodie and a pair of glasses.

Nigerian Pidgin

My name na Tajuddeen Gwadabe and I get PhD for Computer Science and Technology from University of Chinese Academy of Science. To arrange and organise things dey catch my attention well well. Na wetin carry me enter this Project Management career.

I really like to meet people from everywhere for this world, and to learn how dem dey do things for other cultures. So far, I don talk with people from 40 countries, either face-to-face or online.

I dey watch plenty videos on sustainability in agriculture, climate, building and technology.


My name is Tajuddeen Gwadabe and I have a PhD in Computer Science and Technology from the University of Chinese Academy of Science. I am really interested in organising and coordinating stuff and that led me to a career in project management.

I passionately care about learning new cultures and meeting people from all over the world. Currently I have interacted with people from other 40 countries either physically or virtually.

I watch a lot of videos on sustainability in agriculture, climate, building and technology.

Debs, Junior Web Developer

A photo of Debs, a woman from Nigeria. She has rich, black hair and is wearing a blue sleeveless dress, a pair of glasses and a smile.

Nigerian Pidgin

My name na Deborah Udoh, but dem dey also call me Debs. I from Anang tribe, inside Akwa Ibom, for Nigeria. Dem sey my people dey chop human being, but na book I dey like chop sha.

Wetin dey give me joy for life na people and tech. Na why I dey study to become professional Nurse, and I dey design website the same time too.

I too like food, podcast, photography, horror feem and to tell computer wetin to do (* winch laugh *)

The things I no fit do for dark chocolate and ice cream no too plenty.


My name is Deborah Udoh A.K.A Debs. I’m a Nigerian, of the Anang tribe in Akwa Ibom state. Fun fact! Anang people are rumoured to be cannibalistic. I’d rather devour Jack Reacher novels though.

My passions in life are people and tech. So, I’m studying to become a Nurse Practitioner, while simultaneously practising Web Development.

I love food, podcasts, photography, horror flicks and making computers do my bidding (* evil laugh *).

There’s a short list of things I won’t do for dark chocolate and ice cream!

Please say hi to Debs and Taj in the Slack - we’re delighted to have them onboard!