Meet our 7th cohort of project leads and their mentors

- Bérénice, Malvika, Yo, Emmy, Paz

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We are excited to kick-off the new round of Open Life Science with another incredible cohort of mentors, mentees, and experts. We are honored to bring together members of diverse identities and backgrounds who represent expertise from different domains of research, who are working to address a wide range of relevant questions in their field and are motivated to bring a culture change in their areas. Many of them are long-standing Open Scientists who aim to use this opportunity to apply open science and community-based principles in their projects through this program.

We are thrilled to announce that 50 members, who are the project leads of 32 diverse projects, have joined the th cohort of the Open Life Science mentoring program - OLS-!

Meet our mentees!

The mentees joining this program are Aditi Dutta, Agien Petra Ukeh, Alexander Martinez Mendez, Amir Jafari, Angelica Maineri, Angelo Varlotta, Anna Magdalena Biller, Arianna Cortesi, Ayomide Akinlotan, Babari A Babari Michelle Freddia, Beatriz Serrano-Solano, Bernard Kwame Solodzi, Bisola Ahmed, Carmel Carne, Carol O’Brien, Carolina Giraldo Olmos, Chukwuka Ogbonna, Claudia Mignone, Daniel Chan, Daniel Kochin, Deborah Udoh, Diana Pilvar, Doaa Abdelkader, Elisee Jafsia, Emmanuel Adamolekun, Gabriela Rufino, Gift Kenneth, Hylary Emmanuela Ndegala Nhana, Irene Vazano, Jennifer Miller, Jesica Formoso, Lessa Tchohou Fabrice, Manuel Spitschan, Marco Ma, Maria Clara Heringer Lourenço, Mariela Rajngewerc, Mike Trizna, Nahuel Escobedo, Nathanael Kedmayla, Patricia Loto, Richard Dushime, Sandrine Kengne, Sara Acevedo, Saule Anafinova, Seun Elijah Olufemi, Siobhan Mackenzie Hall, Sivasubramanian Murugappan, Stephane Fadanka, Umut Pajaro Velasquez, Yanick Diapa Nana. These individuals are based in 19 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States) where they will be leading their respective projects.

Topics for their projects include Academic Culture, Access, Accessibility, Accountability, Agriculture, Ai, Algorithmic Fairness, Ambassadors, Apparent Age, Artificial Intelligence, Associated Factors, Astronomy, Attendance Tracking, Awareness, Awesome Lists, Bias, Bias Analysis, Biodegradability, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biometric Technology, Birth Certificate, Cameroon, Career Path, Central Asia, Champions, Chemistry, Children, Citizen Science, Classification, Climate Change, Cloud Computing, Community, Community Building, Computational Social Science, Corporate Settings, Data Hubs, Data Life Cycle, Data Management, Data Privacy, Data Set, Data Visualization, Database, Degrees, Determinants, Developing Countries, Digital Health, Django, Dmp, Drilling Fluid, Ecology, Educational, Educational Settings, Enviromental, Equal Opportunity, Ethics, Evaluation, Experience Sampling, Explainability, Extra-Uterin Growth Failure, Facial Recognition, Fair, Fairness, Field Studies, Frameword, Gender, Ghana, Global, Global Changes, Governance, Growth Curves, Hands-On Tutorial, Humanities, Illness, Imaging, Inclusion, Internships, Intersectionality, Knowledge Management, Low Middle-Income Countries, Machine Learning, Majority World, Mapping, Mental Health, Microscopy, Multilingual, Neglected Tropical Disease, Online Platform, Open Access, Open Data, Open Research, Open Science, Open Science Challenges, Open Science Communities, Open Science Knowledge, Open Source, Open Source Ai, Os, Outreach, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Planetary Sciences, Preterm Infants, Process, Programmes, Programming, Project Database, Project Management, Proteomics, Psychology, Public Engagement Of Science, Publishing, Python, Qualifications, Quarto, Queer, Reproducibility, Requirements., Research, Research Data Amangement, Research Seedbed, Research Service, Responsible Ai, Schema Validation, Scholarships, Schools, Science-Art, Skills, Sleep Deprivation, Smartphone App, Snakebite, Social Science, Socialecology, Soil, Soil Data Reproducibility, Soil Dataset, Soil Physics, Sovereignty, Space Science, Spanish-Speaking Communities, Students, Supervisor, Theory, Training, Translation, Transparency, Unesco, Venom, Version Control, Visualization, Web Development.

Meet our mentors!

Our project leads (aka mentees) have been paired with 1 or 2 mentors based on their specific requirements of expertise and interests along with time zones and language preferences. Our mentors are Open Science champions with previous experiences in training, mentoring, computing, and community skills. They are currently working in different professions in data science, education, citizen science, publishing, community building, software development, clinical studies, industries, scientific training, policymaking, IT services, and so on.

Additionally, we have an incredible experts’ community who will be delivering specialised talks during the cohort calls and will be available for our project leads for expert consultations upon request.

We welcome our 32 mentors, Ailís O’Carroll, Alexander Martinez Mendez, Andres Sebastian Ayala Ruano, Arielle Bennett, Aswathi Surendran, Billy Broderick, Caleb Kibet, Diego Onna, Elisee Jafsia, Gladys Rotich, Gracielle Higino, Harini Lakshminarayanan, Isil Poyraz Bilgin, Johanssen Obanda, Joyce Kao, Julien Colomb, Laurah Ondari, Lena Karvovskaya, Malvika Sharan, Melissa Black, Michael Landi, Milagros Miceli, Nina Trubanová, Patricia Herterich, Pauline Karega, Riva Quiroga, Rowland Mosbergen, Sabrina López, Sara Villa, Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal, Stephane Fadanka, Yo Yehudi, based in 15 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States). 6 of them were participants and 14 mentors in the previous cohort (OLS-6). They will be supported by 4 experts.

We are extremely grateful to them for their support and contributions to OLS and their impactful work in other open communities. They are committed to supporting their mentees in this program to help create a more open and fair-research, knowledge-sharing and inclusive culture within life science and beyond.

The Program

We begin our program this week with a mentoring training call and mentor-mentee introductions. Check out the complete schedule and plans for OLS-7 here:

You can keep track of our program, the progress of our second cohort and future announcements by following our twitter profile @openlifesci or subscribe to our announcements list.

We invite new contributions to the program as a new issue on the GitHub repo or by email to the team.

Once again, let’s welcome our mentors, mentees and experts to this program!

Project details (click here for full description)

Project Project leaders Mentors
Collective and Open Research in Climate Science Angelo Varlotta Sara Villa
Implementing Facial Recognition and Biometric Attendance Monitoring in Educational and Corporate Settings Richard Dushime Yo Yehudi
From invisible to Citizens: Apparent Age for Primary School children without birth certificates Elisee Jafsia, Stephane Fadanka, Nathanael Kedmayla, Yanick Diapa Nana, Hylary Emmanuela Ndegala Nhana, Babari A Babari Michelle Freddia Julien Colomb
Development of an online open science platform, easy and accessible for agricultural students in Cameroon. Lessa Tchohou Fabrice Gladys Rotich
Data analysis in soil physics: an opportunity of teaching data management and reproducibility Sara Acevedo, Carolina Giraldo Olmos Diego Onna
An interactive map of socio-ecological projects Nahuel Escobedo Yo Yehudi
Knowledge and perspectives of open science among researchers in Ghana, West Africa Bernard Kwame Solodzi Johanssen Obanda
Open Science Awareness Project for Central Asian Universities Saule Anafinova Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal
Open Science platform for humanities and computational social scientists Aditi Dutta Riva Quiroga, Laurah Ondari
Open NeuroScience   Arielle Bennett
Translate Science Daniel Chan, Jennifer Miller Ailís O’Carroll
Ethical Implications of Open Source AI: Transparency and Accountability Gift Kenneth Isil Poyraz Bilgin
Open-source object recognition software specifically designed for mice in Alzheimers disease Amir Jafari Nina Trubanová
Open educational hands-on tutorial for evaluating fairness in AI classification models Mariela Rajngewerc Andres Sebastian Ayala Ruano, Sabrina López
Comparison of three growth curves for the diagnosis of extrauterine growth retardation at 40 weeks postconceptional age and associated factors in preterm infants in the city of Yaoundé, Cameroon Sandrine Kengne Elisee Jafsia
Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassadors Program Beatriz Serrano-Solano Joyce Kao
momenTUM Research Platform: An open-source, reproducible research infrastructure for digital health Manuel Spitschan, Anna Magdalena Biller, Marco Ma Rowland Mosbergen
Investigating effective strategies for radical inclusion at academic events Siobhan Mackenzie Hall, Daniel Kochin, Carmel Carne Malvika Sharan
Queering the law: How to make AI with a Queer Perspective from the Majority of the World Umut Pajaro Velasquez Milagros Miceli
Data management materials for ELIXIR Estonia Diana Pilvar Patricia Herterich
Build community Doaa Abdelkader Michael Landi
The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Mental Health Deborah Udoh, Bisola Ahmed Aswathi Surendran
liforient Agien Petra Ukeh Caleb Kibet
Building a searchable project database Angelica Maineri Lena Karvovskaya
Closer to the sky: co-creating astronomical knowledge in a favela of Rio de Janeiro Claudia Mignone, Arianna Cortesi, Gabriela Rufino, Maria Clara Heringer Lourenço Gracielle Higino
Mapping open-science communities, organizations, and events in Latin America Jesica Formoso, Irene Vazano, Patricia Loto Alexander Martinez Mendez
Developing an online snake venomics catalog for easy access to venom proteomics data Carol O’Brien Billy Broderick
Biodegradability of Drilling Fluids in different soil types Chukwuka Ogbonna Stephane Fadanka
Building an open, structured, knowledge listing system Mike Trizna Pauline Karega
LA-CoNGA Physics Citizen Science Project Alexander Martinez Mendez Melissa Black
Facilitating easier academic selection of research students using ML Sivasubramanian Murugappan Harini Lakshminarayanan
Bioinformatics University Outreach Emmanuel Adamolekun, Seun Elijah Olufemi, Ayomide Akinlotan Michael Landi

We wish our cohort members all the best as they begin this journey with us.