Announcing a new project: Open science cloud infrastructure and training for communities in Latin America and Africa

- Bérénice, Yo, Malvika, Emmy

Photo by Anh Tuan To on Unsplash

We are excited to announce that the team and proposal described in this blog post has been awarded funding by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative!

This announcement may be cross-posted on the websites of several collaborating organizations of this grant, including 2i2c and Invest in Open Infrastructure. Para leer este post en español, vea el blog de MetaDocencia.

Our goal is to create a collaborative learning and cloud infrastructure service that teaches communities cloud-native workflows in the biosciences. We will promote values of open and inclusive community practices, infrastructure that enables these practices, and a “train the trainers” teaching approach that empowers community leaders to share expertise in cloud infrastructure with others in their communities. Our focus in this project will be on communities in Latin America and Africa, and we hope to learn how this model could be extended to other global communities that are historically marginalized from large-scale scientific infrastructure projects.

For this work, OLS will be hiring and hosting a programme manager, who will oversee the delivery of the programme (see below). In 2024, we will also be running a Spanish and/or French cohort-based training programme for the community leaders involved in this work.

This is a collaborative effort between 2i2c, The Carpentries, CSCCE, Invest in Open Infrastructure, MetaDocencia, Open Life Science. For more detailed information, see the blog post with the full grant narrative.

We are hiring

As a part of this effort, we will also hire several new team members! There are currently two job postings open. Here are links for more information in case you are interested:

We may be hiring other positions related to this effort (and other efforts from the collaborating organizations), so please stay tuned for more information if you are interested.

Where to follow along

If you’d like to follow along with this work, please share your e-mail address in this short form. We’ll send updates as we work out longer-term spaces for communication or documentation.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.