Meet our 6th cohort of project leads and their mentors

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Arisa Chattasa (CC-BY)

We are excited to kick-off the 6th round of Open Life Science with another incredible cohort of mentors, mentees, and experts. We are honored to bring together members of diverse identities and backgrounds who represent expertise from different domains of research, who are working to address a wide range of relevant questions in their field and are motivated to bring a culture change in their areas. Many of them are long-standing Open Scientists who aim to use this opportunity to apply open science and community-based principles in their projects through this program.

We are thrilled to announce that 41 members, who are the project leads of 27 diverse projects, have joined the fourth cohort of the Open Life Science mentoring program - OLS-6!

Meet our mentees!

The mentees joining this program are Alden Conner, Aman Goel, Anelda van der Walt, Ariana Bethany Subroyen, Aswathi Surendran, Cassandra Murphy, Dario Basset, Eirini Zormpa, Elena Giglia, Emmanuel Adamolekun, Fabio Ivo Perdigão, Gladys Rotich, Hari Sood, Harini Lakshminarayanan, Jennifer Ding, Ken Mugambi, Laurah Ondari, Mahmood Usman, Malgorzata Lagisz, Marie Nugent, Mayya Sundukova, Megan Lisa Stock, Moritz Engelhardt, Nicky Nicolson, Nilabha Mukherjea, Nina Roux, Nina Trubanová, Nomalungelo Octavia Maphanga, Pauline Karega, Peter van Heusden, Pol Arranz-Gibert, Ran Huo, Rhoné Roux, Romullo Lima, Rushda Patel, Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal, Shamim Wanjiku Osata, Sophia Batchelor, Susana Roman Garcia, Umar Ahmad, Umar Farouk Ahmad. These individuals are based in 12 countries (Australia, Brazil, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom) where they will be leading their respective projects.

Topics for their projects include 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bibliometrics, Big Data, Bioimaging, Bioinformatics, Community, Data Science, Data science, Education, FAIR data management, Generation Z researchers, Hackathon, Implementation hurdles, Ireland, Knowledge engineering, Life Science, Mapping, Mental health, Meta-research, Nigeria, Online platform, Ontology, Open Community, Open Science, Open science, Outreach, RSE, RSE (Research software engineer), RSSE, Research Trends, Research landscape, Scholarly communication, Semantic technology, Students, Tools and techniques, Visualisation, artificial intelligence, biodiversity informatics, bioinformatics, civic tech, climate change, collaboration, collective intelligence, community, community building, compendium, computer models reproducibility, conservation, crowdsourcing, data analysis, data collection, data science, didactic figures, didactic schemes, diversity, document production, early career researchers, education, engagement, environmental science, equity, ethics, genomics medicine, health outcomes, health reseach, healthcare, image analysis, introductory course, mapping, multidiscipline, neuroscience, online learning, open education, open hardware, open microscopy, open resource, open science, open source software, open-research, participatory research, pedagogy, polar science, population genetics, practitioners, product management, product roadmap, record linkage, reproducibility, reprohacks, research management, research software engineering, researchers, sea ice, social justice, species description, specimen citation, stakeholder map, super-resolution, training, urban data science.

Meet our mentors!

Our project leads (aka mentees) have been paired with 1 or 2 mentors based on their specific requirements of expertise and interests along with time zones and language preferences. Our mentors are Open Science champions with previous experiences in training, mentoring, computing, and community skills. They are currently working in different professions in data science, education, citizen science, publishing, community building, software development, clinical studies, industries, scientific training, policymaking, IT services, and so on.

Additionally, we have an incredible experts’ community who will be delivering specialised talks during the cohort calls and will be available for our project leads for expert consultations upon request.

We welcome our 32 mentors, Alessandra Candian, Andrea Sánchez Tapia, Anne Lee Steele, Anne Treasure, Arielle Bennett, Batool Almarzouq, Caleb Kibet, Diego Onna, Elisee Jafsia, Emma Karoune, Esther Plomp, Fotis Psomopoulos, Gracielle Higino, Hans-Rudolf Hotz, John Ogunsola, Joyce Kao, Juyeon Kim, Kim Martin, Lena Karvovskaya, Lisanna Paladin, Mallory Freeberg, Malvika Sharan, Mariana Meireles, Mayya Sundukova, Michael Landi, Nadine Spychala, Natalie Banner, Sara El-Gebali, Sara Villa, Siobhan Mackenzie Hall, Stephane Fadanka, Yo Yehudi, based in 15 countries (Argentina, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Kenya, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom). 8 of them were participants and 16 mentors in the previous cohort (OLS-5). They will be supported by 39 experts.

We are extremely grateful to them for their support and contributions to OLS and their impactful work in other open communities. They are committed to supporting their mentees in this program to help create a more open and fair-research, knowledge-sharing and inclusive culture within life science and beyond.

The Program

We begin our program this week with a mentoring training call and mentor-mentee introductions. Check out the complete schedule and plans for OLS-6 here:

You can keep track of our program, the progress of our second cohort and future announcements by following our twitter profile @openlifesci or subscribe to our announcements list.

We invite new contributions to the program as a new issue on the GitHub repo or by email to the team.

Once again, let’s welcome our mentors, mentees and experts to this program!

Project details (click here for full description)

Project Project leaders Mentors
Evaluating criteria of “best paper” awards from research journals across disciplines Malgorzata Lagisz Juyeon Kim
Open science spread Dario Basset Alessandra Candian
Open collaborative journal Pol Arranz-Gibert Arielle Bennett, Diego Onna
Development of a Multi-Adaptor Quality Control Kit for Integration with Radiographic Equipment Umar Farouk Ahmad Elisee Jafsia
A FAIRer training module on Open Science Elena Giglia Emma Karoune
Ethical standards and reproducibility of computer models in Neurobiology Susana Roman Garcia Siobhan Mackenzie Hall
Open Data Custodianship tool Jennifer Ding Malvika Sharan
Life Science in 2022, India. Nilabha Mukherjea Anne Treasure
An open support resource for primary mental health for researchers. Shamim Wanjiku Osata Mayya Sundukova
Mapping the Open Life Science Cohorts Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal Esther Plomp, Fotis Psomopoulos
Developing effective online communities to build tools for genomic equity Marie Nugent Lisanna Paladin, John Ogunsola
AGAPE: Building an open science practicing community in Ireland Nina Trubanová, Cassandra Murphy, Aswathi Surendran Sara Villa
Open sourcing the Pyxium learning platform Hari Sood Nadine Spychala
Open Science Community Nigeria (OSCN) Umar Ahmad, Mahmood Usman Caleb Kibet
Developing an ontology to connect open science technology, RSEs and the different skills and services that follow Megan Lisa Stock, Nina Roux, Rhoné Roux, Ariana Bethany Subroyen Kim Martin
Mapping the RSSE landscape in Africa Nomalungelo Octavia Maphanga, Anelda van der Walt, Peter van Heusden Joyce Kao, Anne Lee Steele
Open Communities: building a supportive community of practice across the AI for Multiple Long Term Conditions Research Support Facility. Eirini Zormpa, Sophia Batchelor Lena Karvovskaya
Building a Platform for Open and Reproducible Super-resolution Imaging Hardware and Analytical Tools Ran Huo, Moritz Engelhardt Sara El-Gebali
OpSciHack: Open Life Science Hackathon Harini Lakshminarayanan Yo Yehudi
The hub portal and academy Laurah Ondari, Pauline Karega, Gladys Rotich, Ken Mugambi Stephane Fadanka
Making Science simple and accessible Romullo Lima, Fabio Ivo Perdigão Andrea Sánchez Tapia, Gracielle Higino
Preparing IceNet stakeholder engagement framework for open and collaborative development Alden Conner Mallory Freeberg
An extensible notebook for open specimens Nicky Nicolson Andrea Sánchez Tapia, Batool Almarzouq
Multiomics profiling and analysis of cardiovascular diseases Rushda Patel Hans-Rudolf Hotz
The Undergraduates Guide To Research Software Engineering Aman Goel Mariana Meireles
Developing policy briefs on mental well-being of researchers in academia across different countries Mayya Sundukova Natalie Banner
Bioinformatics Secondary school Outreach in Nigeria Emmanuel Adamolekun Michael Landi

We wish our cohort members all the best as they begin this journey with us.