OLS-5 Launch Webinar and Promotional Materials!

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We recently opened the call for application for individuals and groups to join Open Life Science’s fifth cohort, OLS-5, starting in February 2022. The applications can be submitted until January 15, 2022 (midnight in any part of the world) on Open Review (application guidelines and templates).

In this post, we would like to share details for the upcoming Q&A/webinar sessions and provide additional information along with our promotional materials to help share about OLS-5 in your network.

OLS-5 Launch Webinar and Q&A on 14 December 2021!

We are hosting a webinar on 14 December 2021 at 16:00 UTC (see in your timezone) - join us or invite someone you think would like to learn more about the OLS-5!

Important Information for applicants (project leads)

OLS upskills individuals in open and reproducible research and empowers them to become open science ambassadors in their communities. Participants of this 16-week program will learn essential knowledge required to create, lead, and sustain an Open Science project, connect with members across different communities, backgrounds, and identities by sharing their experiences and expertise. The complete schedule and participation guidelines of the program are available at /openseeds/ols-5/.

This program will provide a unique opportunity for individuals and teams to integrate best practices for open and reproducible research in new or ongoing projects. We will also offer microgrants to our participants to ensure that they can equitably participate in the program (see this post for details). More information regarding the roles and benefits for the mentees and eligibility of a proposed project can be found on the website.

In addition to hosting the launch webinar to share about the OLS-5 plans and application process, we will also host an Application Clinic On 7 January 2022, 10:00 am UTC (see in your timezone). With this additional call, we want to offer extra support for folks interested in joining OLS-5 but need some feedback on their proposal, or have any further questions (see Notes).

A recording from a previous webinar is available on our YouTube channel (video link).

Please feel free to contact the OLS team for more information by emailing (team@we-are-ols.org) or connecting on Twitter openlifesci.

Help us share about OLS-5 in your network!

We are sharing our promotional materials and answering some commonly asked questions about the programme.

Online promotional materials:

Who is this programme for:

Examples of projects that one can bring to the program:

Please see our previous cohorts for a full list of projects that have been developed in OLS: OLS1, OLS-2 and OLS-3.

Attend the OLS-4 Graduation in January 2022 to learn about the current cohort members and the projects they have been building. Find details about the graduation dates and registration in our previous post: OLS-4 Graduations - You’re All Invited!

More about the Mentors:

  1. An OLS mentor has either already received training as a project lead in OLS (or similar programs) or has significant experience leading, maintaining or contributing to open and inclusive projects in their field.
  2. Mentor’s roles and time commitments:
    • Mentors work closely with participants to help further their Open Science skills and become ambassadors for Open Science practice, training and education in their communities.
    • Time commitment: ~2 hours in January to review applicants and ~1 hour per week during the cohort. You can read more about it on our website.
    • The mentors will be assigned to one project proposed by mentees applying to the program.
    • During the program, mentors will receive initial training in mentoring skills (active listening, effective questioning, giving feedback), connect with a community of mentors by opting to attend the coworking calls and expand their knowledge on Open Science by opting to attend the cohort calls.

Experts’ roles and time commitments

Experts have existing experience in a relevant subject area and may be invited to:

Connect with us for more questions!

Please contact the OLS team (team@we-are-ols.org) for any additional information or to share your ideas for OLS-5.

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