OLS-2 Graduations and applications open for OLS-3!

- Bérénice, Malvika, Yo

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

It’s hard to believe, but OLS-2 is in its final stage right now, which means that OLS-3 is just around the corner in 2021.

Graduations - you’re all invited!

Our amazing project leads for OLS-2 came from six different continents around the world and have been working on projects covering open reproducible data science, open hardware, open synthetic biology, usability, ethics, local open science communities, conference, and many more incredible things. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them as mentors, expert speakers, and call hosts for nearly four months - and now it’s time to shed a tear of pride as graduations approach.

We invite you to come and watch the live-streamed calls on YouTube - they’ll be spread across three different hour-long sessions, and available on YouTube after the event if you can’t attend in real time. All calls will have real-time captions using Otter.ai.

We especially welcome you if you are:

Call for application for OLS-3 is NOW OPEN!

Interested in applying for round three? We can’t wait to see your application - visit EasyChair to submit your application before the end of the day on January 11th. We encourage you to check out the OLS-2 graduation live streams or watch the OLS-1 graduations on YouTube to get a sense of what the project will be like.

For OLS-3 we’re also excited to announce that we’ll be offering micro-grants to help grow participation and inclusion, and to support budding new projects.