Meet our second cohort of project leads and their mentors

- Bérénice, Malvika, Yo

Danielle MacInnes (CC-BY)

We are excited to kick-off the second round of Open Life Science with another incredible cohort of mentors, mentees, and experts. We are honored to bring together members of diverse identities and backgrounds who represent expertise from different domains of research, who are working to address a wide range of relevant questions in their field and are motivated to bring a culture change in their areas. Many of them are long-standing Open Scientists who aim to use this opportunity to apply open science and community-based principles in their projects through this program.

We are thrilled to announce that 52 members, who are the project leads of 32 diverse projects, have joined the second cohort of the Open Life Science mentoring program - OLS-2!

Meet our mentees!

The mentees joining this program are Andréanne Proulx, Bailey Harrington, Bakary N’tji Diallo, Beatriz Serrano-Solano, Boï Kone, Brenda Muthoni, Béatrice P.De Koninck, Camila Rangel Smith, Christina Ambrosi, Cooper Smout, Danny Garside, David Beavan, Dylan Bastiaans, Ekeoma Festus, Emma Karoune, Eugene de Beste, Eva Herbst, Georgia Aitkenhead, Harriet Natabona Mukhongo, Hilyatuz Zahroh, Ibrahim Ssali, Ismael Kherroubi Garcia, Jelioth Muthoni, Joel Hancock, Joyce Kao, Kate Simpson, Katharina Kloppenborg, Kendra Oudyk, Kevin Xu, Laura Carter, Laura Judith Marcos-Zambrano, Markus Kirolos Youssef, Markus Löning, Muhammet Celik, Myreille Larouche, Neha Moopen, Paul Owoicho, Pauline Karega, Pauline Ligonie, Peter van Heusden, Pradeep Eranti, Sam Van Stroud, Samuel Burke, Sangram Sahu, Sebastian Eggert, Sophia Batchelor, Stefan Gaillard, Stephen Klusza, Tainá Rocha, Teresa Laguna, Valerie Parent, Wasifa Rahman. These individuals are based in 20 countries (Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States) where they will be leading their respective projects.

Topics for their projects include data-centric engineering, ethical research, data communication, developing community aspects of computational projects, enhancing lab automation, creating mentorship network, collaborative training delivery, open science education, online database for 3D modeling workflows, establishing disease-related preprints, applying machine learning practices, interdisciplinary approaches to understanding infections and diseases, curating land-use land-cover data, science campaigning, metagenomic pipeline, Galaxy, applying the FAIR principle in a new field, creating a reproducible environment and open hardware, enhancing accessibility in community and citizen science projects, fundraising and ensuring project sustainability.

Meet our mentors!

Our project leads (aka mentees) have been paired with 1 or 2 mentors based on their specific requirements of expertise and interests along with time zones and language preferences. Our mentors are Open Science champions with previous experiences in training, mentoring, computing, and community skills. They are currently working in different professions in data science, education, citizen science, publishing, community building, software development, clinical studies, industries, scientific training, policymaking, IT services, and so on.

Additionally, we have an incredible experts’ community who will be delivering specialised talks during the cohort calls and will be available for our project leads for expert consultations upon request.

We welcome our 36 mentors, Aidan Budd, Andrew Stewart, Anelda van der Walt, Anita Bröllochs, Anjali Mazumder, Arielle Bennett, Bruno Soares, Caleb Kibet, Dave Clements, David Selassie Opoku, Delphine Lariviere, Hans-Rudolf Hotz, Holger Dinkel, Ivo Jimenez, Jez Cope, Katharina Lauer, Lena Karvovskaya, Lilian Juma, Lorena Pantano, Luis Pedro Coelho, Mallory Freeberg, Malvika Sharan, Markus Löning, Martina Vilas, Meag Doherty, Mesfin Diro, Naomi Penfold, Patricia Herterich, Piraveen Gopalasingam, Raniere Silva, Renato Alves, Samuel Guay, Sarah Gibson, Sonika Tyagi, Yo Yehudi, Yvan Le Bras, based in 16 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States). 5 of them were participants and 13 mentors in the previous cohort (OLS-1). They will be supported by 65 experts.

We are extremely grateful to them for their support and contributions to OLS and their impactful work in other open communities. They are committed to supporting their mentees in this program to help create a more open and fair-research, knowledge-sharing and inclusive culture within life science and beyond.

The Program

We begin our program this week with a mentoring training call and mentor-mentee introductions. Check out the complete schedule and plans for OLS-2 here:

You can keep track of our program, the progress of our second cohort and future announcements by following our twitter profile @openlifesci or subscribe to our announcements list.

We invite new contributions to the program as a new issue on the GitHub repo or by email to the team.

Once again, let’s welcome our mentors, mentees and experts to this program!

Project details (click here for full description)

Project Project leaders Mentors
Practical Guide to Reproducibility in Bioinformatics Sangram Sahu Hans-Rudolf Hotz
Mapping Science using Open Scholarship Stefan Gaillard Malvika Sharan with Yo Yehudi
Creating community awareness of open science practices in phytolith research Emma Karoune Yvan Le Bras
Synthetic Biology Chassis Toolkit for Public Domain Use Stephen Klusza Anita Bröllochs
Creating a single pipeline for metagenome classification Muhammet Celik Mallory Freeberg
Chronic Learning Bailey Harrington Piraveen Gopalasingam
Open Innovation in Life Sciences Joyce Kao, Christina Ambrosi Aidan Budd
Using collective action to change cultural norms and drive progress in the life sciences Cooper Smout Luis Pedro Coelho with Lilian Juma
Developing the Research Software and Systems Engineering Community to support Life Sciences in Africa Peter van Heusden, Eugene de Beste Mesfin Diro with Raniere Silva
Growing the Galaxy Community Beatriz Serrano-Solano Dave Clements
Global land-use and land-cover data under historical, current, and future climatic conditions for ecologists Tainá Rocha Bruno Soares with Yvan Le Bras
BioLab Open Source Projects Boï Kone, Bakary N’tji Diallo Delphine Lariviere
Target approach in the stages of liver cirrhosis to reverse back in good condition Wasifa Rahman Sonika Tyagi with Malvika Sharan
Science For All (Sci4All) - Citizens’ daily problem solving by engaging multidisciplinary scientific communities Teresa Laguna, Laura Judith Marcos-Zambrano Katharina Lauer
Supervised Classification with UMAP and Network Propagation Joel Hancock, Markus Kirolos Youssef Markus Löning
Building a Database for Open Access Immunology Pre-prints and Publications on COVID-19 Harriet Natabona Mukhongo, Brenda Muthoni, Jelioth Muthoni Naomi Penfold
Sharing 3D Modeling Workflows for Biomechanists and Palaeontologists Eva Herbst, Dylan Bastiaans Holger Dinkel
Open Science Office Hours to support trainees in Montreal to help make their research more open and reproducible Kendra Oudyk Andrew Stewart
Registered Reports in Primate Neurophysiology Danny Garside Ivo Jimenez
OSUM - Open Science UMontreal Samuel Burke, Andréanne Proulx, Pauline Ligonie, Myreille Larouche, Valerie Parent, Béatrice P.De Koninck Renato Alves
APBioNetTalks Hilyatuz Zahroh Patricia Herterich
Database for coordinating training needs in Kenya to faciliatate preparation and collaboration Pauline Karega Lorena Pantano with Sarah Gibson
Open platform for Indian Bioinformatics community Pradeep Eranti David Selassie Opoku
OpenWorkstation - A modular and open-source concept for customized automation equipment Sebastian Eggert Meag Doherty
The Turing Way - Guide for Ethical Research Sophia Batchelor, Ismael Kherroubi Garcia, Laura Carter Jez Cope with Anjali Mazumder
sktime - a unified toolbox for machine learning with time series Markus Löning Martina Vilas
Turing Data Stories Camila Rangel Smith, David Beavan, Sam Van Stroud, Kevin Xu Yo Yehudi
Embedding Accessibility in The Turing Way Open Source Community Guidance Neha Moopen, Paul Owoicho Samuel Guay
Towards open and citizen-led data informing the decarbonisation of existing housing Kate Simpson Arielle Bennett
Autistica - Turing Citizen Science Project Georgia Aitkenhead, Katharina Kloppenborg Anelda van der Walt
Arua City Open Learning Circles Ibrahim Ssali Caleb Kibet
Western Cape-H3ABioNet Open Learning Circles Ekeoma Festus Caleb Kibet with Lena Karvovskaya

We wish our cohort members all the best as they begin this journey with us.