Graduation and final presentations - you're all invited!

- Yo, Malvika, Bérénice

Product School (Public domain)

It’s been a long and exciting journey, from applications opening in October 2019, announcing selected applicants in early January, and kicking off the program’s first cohort call on the 29th of January. Since then we’ve had an amazing range of guest speakers from around the world, sharing their expertise on topics in the OLS syllabus, as well as a variety of breakout and discussion sessions, interspersed with mentor calls every other week. We wrapped up our learning calls with a cohort call on self care, ally skills, and careers.

While we’d originally planned to have a single final presentations call, with the additional stress and factors of a pandemic, we’ve added a second date as well. Please feel free to come along and share with your network. As a reminder, here are the twenty projects run by our fabulous twenty-nine project leads.

It’s time to show off what we’ve learned

We’ve been learning, applying our new skills and ideas to our projects - and now it’s time to share! You’re invited to rehearse your final presentations across two dates:

Graduation dates are scheduled a week after the rehearsal dates, on April 29 for Group 1 and May 20 for Group 2.

Eek, I’m an OLS-1 participant! What do I do?

First of all - don’t sweat! ❤️🌷 You have up to 5 minutes to share something. This could be the project you’re working on, something you’ve learned and would like to highlight, plans for a future project, a request for volunteers to help out / join you, or a mix of all of the above. Slides are optional! You’ll also get the chance to practice in a rehearsal call with your cohort members.

Psst, want to laugh at Yo? see a similar demo from 2017? Here’s Yo at their final presentation for Mozilla Open Leaders in 2017:

(Yo’s note: Some context may be missing. This was the third of three presentations throughout the program, so not all the things that happened during Mozilla OL4 were mentioned in this video!)

Here’s Malvika’s final presentation from Mozilla Open Leaders 7:

(We had 7 minutes as we were smaller cohort, so you can skip the details!)

Photo by Product School on Unsplash