Invoicing OLS

Carli Jeen (CC-BY)

Invoicing OLS

When invoicing OLS for a pre-agreed fee, please make sure to send the invoice to These invoices are usually paid once a week.

Tax and social benefits

You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with relevant and/or local tax laws and income reporting. If you are employed, check with your employer if accepting payments outside employment is permitted in your contract.

If you are based in the UK

In the UK, if you earn under £1,000 in untaxed income, you do not need to report it. See the Self Assessment questionnaire (ten quick questions) for more info.

Other countries are welcome here too - please make a PR or speak to the OLS team.

If you are based in Germany

You could investigate the possibility of getting recognized as a “Freiberufler”, which is possible for work as a teacher, scientist, journalist, or lawyer (more or less… check §18 Nr. 1 Abs. 1 EStG). This is somewhat fast and doesn’t cost anything. Until an income of ~20k€ per year, you do not have to pay taxes (“Kleinunternehmerregelung”). As an alternative, you can check whether it’s possible to receive a payment rather as a “Stipendium” (§ 3 Nr. 44 EStG, although conditions apply. Check the legal text! Yeay, it’s Germany! ;)

Other countries are welcome here too - please make a PR or speak to the OLS team.

Sample invoices

If OLS pays you regularly as a mentor, expert, or call facilitator, you may find it easier to send an invoice rather than filling out our honorarium form.

  • Here is a template invoice you can use: Template invoice
  • Here is an example of a filled out invoice.
  • Make sure to note the number of hours or payment agreed and the rate of payment.
  • Include your payment details
  • Include a physical address
  • Include an email so we can contact you with any questions!