OLS Guide to inviting experts to meet project leads

Chris Montgomery (CC-BY)

More on what being an OLS expert means: OLS Expert page.

All OLS participants invite at least one expert to discuss their projects. These templates below can help to facilitate the process.

Call agenda template

- Who is attending 
    - project mentees
    - experts
    - mentor (optional, agree with mentees and experts)
- Intro round (personal)
- Intro to what the OLS project is
- Expert(s) intro - what is your experience and background
- Discussion topics (points where expert's knowledge and project's needs overlap) - try to identify 2-3 points or questions to discuss

Email invitation for mentors

  • Email: Include all experts, mentees, mentor in the expert request
  • Things to include:
    • What the project is
    • Why the expert in question was selected
    • When the project leaders are available (include a timezone or arewemeetingyet link)
    • Possible questions / topics you would like to discuss with the expert(s)
    • If there is pre-reading required, please choose carefully to not overwhelm each other, and make sure to send it in plenty of time.