Week 14

Mentor-Mentee call: Meet your mentor!

Date: April 20-24, 2020

Duration: 30 min

In this call

During this week’s mentor meeting, you will:

  • Review your project with your mentor
  • Thank your mentor if this is your last mentor call in OLS-1.

Before the call

  • Review your project and identify important aspects that you can discuss with your mentor

Cohort call: Group 1 - Final presentation rehearsal

Date: April 22, 2020, at 19:00 European Time ( Add to your calendar)

Duration: 90 min

In this call

During this week’s cohort call, we will:

  • Learn about giving and receiving feedback
  • Conduct rehearsal for the final presentation from the project leads registered in Group 1


Before the call

  • Come prepared to share a 5 mins presentation of your project

    Your presentation can be in the form of a demo, short 1-2 slides presentation or walk through your website

    This could also be only the highlights from your presentation

    Use this HackMD template to guide your talk (OLS team should have shared link to your project HackMD via email)

After the call

  • Integrate changes suggested in this call to your final talk of 5 minutes to be presented a week later