Week 10

Cohort call: Designing & Empowering for inclusivity

Date: March 25, 2020, at 14:00 European Time ( Add to your calendar)

Duration: 90 min

In this call

During this week’s cohort call, we will discuss about:

  • Designing for inclusion
  • Community interactions - the mountain of engagement
  • Personas and pathways for contributors

We will continue next week on the topic of self-care and ally skills


Before the call

  • Develop your contributing guideline
  • Do the implicit Bias Quiz
    • Go to https://implicit.harvard.edu complete the ‘Gender - Career’ or ‘Gender - Science’ quiz (10 minutes)

      You can ‘continue as a guest’ by choosing your country

    • Answer these questions when you’ve finished the implicit association test: What does inclusion mean to you? Did your results of the implicit association test surprise you?
    • Bring your notes to the cohort call

After the call