Week 04

Cohort call: Tooling and roadmapping for Open projects

Date: February 12, 2020, at 19:00 European Time ( Add to your calendar)

Duration: 90 min

In this call

During this week’s cohort call, we will:

  • Look at project structure as we build open projects
  • Go over the standard files in open projects
    • README

    The exact project structure and files used may look different on your project.


Before the call

  • Look up two other projects and comment on their GitHub issues with feedback on their open canvas
  • Rework on your vision statement
    • Write your vision in the Up-Goer 5 editor
    • Refine it with the editor’s help
    • Paste it in your GitHub issue
    • Read it to the Breakout room friends during the next call and hear their feedback :)
    • Other possibility: Hemingway Editor

After the call

  • Create a GitHub repository for your project
  • Add the link to your repository in your issue
  • Use your canvas to start writing a README.md file, or landing page, for your project
  • Link your README in a comment on this issue
  • Add an open license to your repository as a file called LICENSE.md
  • Add a Code of Conduct to your repository as a file called CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
  • Check the Friendly GitHub Intro