Week 3 - Meet your mentor!

Date: Week of February 3, 2020

Duration: 30 minutes

This week

During this week’s mentor meeting, you will:

  • Establish a check-in ritual.
  • Establish a gratitude ritual.
  • Review your goals and any progress you’ve made towards them.
  • Review your community interactions and value exchanges assignment.
  • Review your repo and get any help you need adding your vision statement, open canvas, and open license to it.
  • Identify any experts you’d like to invite to your next mentor meeting.

Haven’t heard from your mentor yet? Let us know.

Before this meeting

  • Complete your week 2 assignments.

After this meeting

  • Complete any week 2 assignments that you have left to do
  • Look up two other projects and comment on their GitHub issues with feedback on their open canvas
  • Rework on your vision statement
    • Write your vision in the Up-Goer 5 editor
    • Refine it with the editor’s help
    • Paste it in your GitHub issue
    • Read it to the Breakout room friends during the next call and hear their feedback :)
    • Other possibility: Hemingway Editor


  • Check your 1:1 mentor meeting notes.