Week 02

Cohort call: Welcome to Open Life Science!

Date: January 29, 2020, at 14:00 European Time ( Add to your calendar)

Duration: 90 min

In this call

During our first cohort call, we will:

  • Say hello and introduce ourselves.
  • Review our Community Participation Guidelines.
  • Review our definition of open leadership.
  • Unpack the differences between “open by default” and “open by design”
  • Learn about common community interactions in open projects.
  • Learn about common value exchanges between community members in open science

Haven’t heard from your mentor yet? Let us know.


Before the call

  • Add your vision statement to your GitHub issue.

After the call

  • Look up two other projects and comment on their issues with feedback on their vision statement
  • Complete this compare and contrast assignment about current and desired community interactions and value exchanges
  • Complete your Open Canvas (instructions, canvas)
  • Share a link to your Open Canvas in your GitHub issue
  • Start your Roadmap
  • Comment on your issue with your draft Roadmap
  • Suggest a cohort name at the bottom of the shared notes and vote on your favorite with a +1