Week 1 - Meet your mentor!

Date: Week of January 20, 2020

Duration: 30 minutes

This week

This is your first meeting with your OLS mentor. This call should include you and your mentor. If you are working on a team of up to (and no more than) 3 registered participants, you can all meet together with your mentor.

These 30-minute meetings will happen every other week during OLS. The default time is during your cohort call time. Your mentor will reach out to you this week to confirm when and where you’ll be meeting.

In your first meeting with your mentor, introduce yourselves and then:

  • Make sure you have your GitHub account set up
  • Review your self-assessment
  • Set 1-2 personal open science goals for yourself
  • Set 1-2 open culture goals for your community, organization, or project

Document your goals in your shared notes; you will return to these goals frequently to assess your progress towards meeting them.


Before this meeting

  • Create an account on GitHub
  • Complete your own copy of the open leadership self-assessment and share it with your mentor

    If you’re a group, each teammate should complete this assessment individually. This is here to help you set your own personal goals during the program. No need to share your results, but be ready to share your thoughts with your mentor.

  • Make sure you know when and how you’ll be meeting with your mentor

After this meeting

  • Create an issue on the OLS-1 GitHub repository for your OLS work and share the link with your mentor
  • Draft a brief vision statement using your goals

    This lesson from the Open Leadership Training Series (OLTS) might be helpful

    You might address:

    • The problem you’re trying to solve.
    • How you think openness and open leadership will help solve it.
    • How meeting your personal goals will help you and help solve the problem.
    • How meeting your cultural goals for your community, organization, or project will help solve the problem.
  • Add your vision statement to your GitHub issue
  • Check the Syllabus for notes and connection info for all the cohort calls


  • Check your 1:1 mentor meeting notes

    Mentors, make a copy for your shared notes